Our Mission:

-To create a friendly and fun environment in which to introduce you to the world of classic cars.
-To meet all of the requirements and expectations of our customers and our partners.
-To please and satisfy a classic car enthusiast either with a particular automobile or any individual request

Our Policies:

-VAT (Value Added Tax): The VAT varies from country to country. For companies who have European
  Union tax numbers, VAT is not applicable.
-All transactions are cash transactions. We accept and deal with the Hungarian Forint, the Euro and the
  U.S. Dollar.
-Financing options available on every purchase dependent on car type, downpayment amount, and
  customer credit status.
-For all customers who meet our financing requirements, 2 to 5 year lease plans are available for on all
-Each sale comes with a "buy back guarantee" which differs per car type.


Horoszcoop LTD.
Hungary, 2220 Vecsés
Széchenyi str 90.